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Chemical and biochemical study of the mercapturic acids.

Sidney Howard Zbarsky

Chemical and biochemical study of the mercapturic acids.

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Thesis (M.A.) -- University of Toronto, 1942.

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The huge bulk of mammalian selenoproteins incorporate Se in the signifier of the 21st amino acid, selenocysteine (Bock, ; Hatfield and Gladyshev, ). In many instances, Se is present at a catalytic centre of an enzyme responsible for redox reactions (Stadtman, ; ). In selenoprotein messenger RNA, the halt codon UGA encodes SeCys interpolation.   Chemistry of proteins with their clinical applications 1. Chemistry of proteins with their clinical applications Dr. Rohini C Sane 2. Chemistry of proteins 3. Properties of proteins Definition: Proteins is derived from Greek word “ proteios which means primary or holding first place ”. . Tea, the plantation crop with economic value: Driving the shrub to cup. Tea is produced from young leaves and buds of tea plant, Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze is a native of China, and the Chinese are said to have discovered its use nearly 4, years ago. It is believed that Shen Nung, a Chinese emperor who lived some 4, years ago, discovered that tea leaves falling into boiling Cited by: 2. CONTRIBUTORS AND REVIEWERS Chemical Manager/Author Jeffrey S. Gift, Ph.D. National Center for Environmental Assessment U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Research Triangle Park, NC Reviewers This document and summary information on IRIS have received peer review both by EPA scientists and by independent scientists external to EPA (U.S. EPA, a).

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Chemical and biochemical study of the mercapturic acids. by Sidney Howard Zbarsky Download PDF EPUB FB2

Be metabolised to a mercapturic acid. In these benzene derivatives, in which the halogen residues of the original compounds are not reactive, the metabolic route is probably analogous to that of naphthalene described below; the active chemical group which reacts with the sulphydryl derivative (which eventually yields the mercapturic acid) must be introduced by some preliminary metabolic by: The mercapturic acids are subsequently separated by means of high-performance liquid chromatography on a Luna C8 (2) column and specifically quantified by tandem mass spectrometric detection using Author: Thomas Schettgen.

The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between the oxidative and reductive metabolic pathways of acrylamide (AA) in the nonsmoking general population.

For the first time both the blood protein adducts and the urinary metabolites of AA and glycidamide (GA) were quantified in an especially designed study group with even distribution of age and by: The chemical force that causes lipid-soluble drugs to move readily across membranes is termed the hydrophobic force since water molecules repels the lipid-soluble drugs.

In most cases, drug absorption can be enhanced by absorption enhancers, such as fatty Author: Gabriel Magoma. Extended Abstract. Unquestionably, cigarette smoking is the dominant risk factor for lung cancer.

In addition, epidemiological studies consistently show an inverse association between fruit and vegetable consumption and lung cancer risk.

1,2,3 However, critics point at the possible role of residual confounding by smoking, and suggest that results from cohort studies may be less consistent. Abstract Pentachloronitrobenzene (PCNB) was used as the primary biochemical probe to study glutathione conjugate metabolism in plants.

In peanut plants, twelve metabolites arising from glutathione conjugation of PCNB were identified. Peanut cell suspension cultures were used to study some of the precursor/product relationships of these metabolites.

Pentachloronitrobenzene metabolism was also. Glycidamide is part of the chemical group of amides and oxiranes, it is classified as a carcinogenic substance. It is associated with tobacco either as natural component, pyrolysis product in tobacco smoke or additive for one or more types of tobacco products.

Glycidamide is formed from mide is an industrial chemical which is used in several ways, such as production of Chemical formula: C₃H₅NO₂. Glutathione is a potent, naturally occurring intracellular antioxidant. Glutathione levels are significantly reduced in the substantia nigra of patients with early Parkinson’s disease.

44 Glutathione has been trialed as a twice daily intravenous infusion in a small open label study. 45 A more recent double-blinded study of intravenous infusions three times a week demonstrated a positive.

Chemical toxins affect individuals in vastly different ways, depending on their individual biochemical make-up. There are several key factors that determine how an individual will react to.

In the present study we investigated the excretion routes of 1-methylpyrenyl mercapturic acid (MPMA) and 1,8-dimethylpyrenyl mercapturic acid (DMPMA) formed from the corresponding benzylic.

1-Bromopropane is a colorless liquid. Commercial 1-bromopropane includes not only 1-bromopropane, but also additives that improve its performance in the desired application and stabilizers to inhibit decomposition.

1-Bromopropane was originally used in the production of pesticides, flavors and fragrances, pharmaceuticals, and other chemicals. Acetylcysteine (also known as N-acetylcysteine or N-acetyl-L-cysteine or NAC) is primarily used as a mucolytic agent and in the management of acetaminophen poisoning.

It is a derivative of cysteine with an acetyl group attached to the amino group of is essentially a prodrug that is converted to cysteine (in the intestine by the enzyme aminoacylase 1) and absorbed in the intestine.

Principal component analysis showed in SP the clustering of mercapturic acids indicating a preferential metabolic pathway with Glutathione (GSH) depletion and, consequently, an increase of oxidative stress. This result was also confirmed by multivariable analysis through the development of explanatory models for oxidized products of nucleic : Diana Poli, Roberta Andreoli, Lucia Moscato, Giovanna Pelà, Giuseppe de Palma, Delia Cavallo, Marta.

Biochemical Basis for Dose Response Relationships in Reactive Metabolite Toxicity. Pages Mercapturic Acids as Metabolites of Aromatic Aldehydes and Alcohols.

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Chemical toxins affect individuals in vastly different ways, depending on their individual biochemical make-up. There are several key factors that determine how an individual will react to chemical exposure.

Nutritional status. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrient factors play a vital role in detoxification of foreign.

The N-acetyl-cysteine thioethers, also known as mercapturic acids, are the excreted metabolites of industrial toxic organic chemicals and this mechanism is considered to play a role in the kidney carcinogenesis by halogenated alkenes. A similar biochemical mechanism occurring on metal thiolates would generate also metal sulphides, as Cited by: Biochemical assays.

The activities of alanine aminotransferase (ALT) [EC ] and aspartate aminotransferase (AST) [EC ] in plasma were estimated by the method of Mohur and Cook [].The lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) [EC ] activity in plasma was determined spectrophotometrically according to the method of King [].The creatine phosphokinase (CPK) [EC ] activity in plasma Cited by: Learn more about these metrics Article Views are the COUNTER-compliant sum of full text article downloads since November (both PDF and HTML) across all institutions and individuals.

These metrics are regularly updated to reflect usage leading up to the last few days. The Altmetric Attention Score is a quantitative measure of the attention that a research article has received by: Stevens JL and Jones DP () The mercapturic acid pathway: biosynthesis, intermediary metabolism and physiological disposition.

In: Glutathione: chemical, biochemical and medical aspects. Eds D Dolphin, R Poulson and O Avramovic, Wiley, New York, pp46–84 Google ScholarCited by: 1. McGraw-Hill; New York: pp. 45– This book chapter provides the most comprehensive and detailed information on the molecular and cellular mechanism of toxicity by xenobiotics.

[Google Scholar] Kaplowitz N. Biochemical and cellular mechanisms of toxic liver. Drug metabolism is the metabolic breakdown of drugs by living organisms, usually through specialized enzymatic systems.

More generally, xenobiotic metabolism (from the Greek xenos "stranger" and biotic "related to living beings") is the set of metabolic pathways that modify the chemical structure of xenobiotics, which are compounds foreign to an organism's normal biochemistry, such as any drug.

Chapter 1 describes the relationship between exposure to a toxic chemical and its clinically relevant health effects as a series of steps along a continuum. There often is no clear-cut distinction between some of the steps, and Figure can help position three types of biomarkers: biomark-ers of exposure, of effect, and of susceptibility.

As the name implies, biomarkers of exposure allow. Structure and Function of the Genomically Encoded Fosfomycin Resistance Enzyme, FosB, from Staphylococcus aureusAuthor: Matthew K. Thompson, Michael Goodman, Mary Keithly, Neal Hammer, Paul Cook, Kevin Jagessar, Joel Har.

This is a collection of abstracts of communications, mostly in English, German and French. Abstracts of particular nutritional interest are selected. Organic chemistry of substances of biological interest. Chemistry and physical chemistry of proteins.

Chemistry and physical chemistry of nucleoproteins and nucleic acids. General enzymology (with the exception of oxidoreduction. Eckert E, Goen T. Rapid determination of four short-chain alkyl mercapturic acids in human urine by column-switching liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry.

J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci Ek CJ, Dziegielewska KM, Habgood MD, et al. Barriers in the developing brain and neurotoxicology. Job Name: /t. Contents. Preface. Introduction 1 Background 1 Scope 2 Biochemical Aspects of Toxicology Summary 4 Review Questions 4 Bibliography 5.

A carcinogenicity study using Syrian golden hamsters may also be useful since these animals have been shown to develop bladder tumors after exposure to other aromatic amines. In addition, a long-term (preferably 8 - 10 years), feeding study at the MTD should be conducted on a large number of dogs.

The Oxfоrd Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology provides a comprehensive survey of current biochemistry and molecular biology.

Over the last few years, the language of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has expanded enormously to the extent that few scientists can expect to. (c) Time course of elimination of acrylonitrile metabolites The excretion in urine of 14 C-acrylonitrile-derived mercapturic acids follows shortly after ip, sc, iv, or oral administration of 14 C-acrylonitrile in rats (Gut et al., a) and rapidly decreases, whereas the excretion of.

Chemical research in toxicology. Oct 0; 12(10) 8/11/ Wempe MF, Anderson WB, Tzeng HF, Board PG, Anders MW. "Glutathione transferase zeta-catalyzed biotransformation of deuterated dihaloacetic acids." Biochemical and biophysical research communications.

Aug 11; (3) 12/15/ Tu Z, Anders MW. The involvement of glutathione in the formation of mercapturic acids was established in by a team led by Sybil James and H.G. Bray in Birmingham. They first showed that administration of a mercapturic acid precursor led to a drop in liver glutathione levels commensurate with the amount of mercapturic acid formed (Barnes et al., ).Cited by: Full text of "Chemical basis of pharmacology; an introduction to pharmacodynamics based on the study of the carbon compounds" See other formats.

The study was designed to investigate the effects of long-term administration of aspartame on redox status, lipid profile and biochemical indices in tissues of male Wistar rats. Methods: Rats were assigned into four groups and given distilled water (control), aspartame at doses of 15 mg/kg (ASP 1), 35 mg/kg (ASP 2) and 70 mg/kg (ASP 3) daily by.

Full text of "Biochemistry of the amino acids" See other formats. The outcome of the metabolic processes can be assessed by determining specific mercapturic acids produced by conjugation with glutathione. The cumulative excretion of mercapturic acids may better reflect the effective dose than will the blood concentration.

Life events, such as reproduction and senescence, may affect the distribution of a chemical. INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMME ON CHEMICAL SAFETY ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH CRITERIA 6 PRINCIPLES AND METHODS FOR EVALUATING THE TOXICITY OF CHEMICALS PART I This report contains the collective views of an international group of experts and does not necessarily represent the decisions or the stated policy of the United Nations Environment Programme, the International Labour.

Vegetarian nutrition is the set of health-related challenges and advantages of vegetarian diets. If well-planned and fortified to balance possible deficiencies, vegetarian diets can become nutritionally adequate and can be appropriate for all stages of the human life cycle, including during pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence.

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This supplement contains the papers submitted at EURO the joint Congress of the European Society of Toxicology and the Federation of the European Societies of Toxicology.

The theme was one of monitoring and examining the effects of toxic substances in the biological response at the. To study a protein in detail, the researcher must be able to separate it from other proteins and must have the techniques to determine its properties.

The necessary methods come from protein chemistry, a discipline as old as biochemistry itself and one that. The branch of pharmacology we now call ‘drug metabolism’, the consideration of the enzymes and procesess determining the disposition of drugs in the body, emerged in the s on the continent of Europe, but British science made little or no contribution until the s.

From this point on, the development of the field through the 20th century was shaped to a very significant extent by a. The boundaries of the organelles of the biosynthetic endomembrane system are still controversial.

In this paper we take advantage of the unique architectural organization of neurons to investigate the localization of a spectrum of compartment-specific markers with the goal of defining the location of the rough endoplasmic reticulum (ER), smooth ER, intermediate compartment, and the .Cruciferous vegetables like cabbages, broccoli, mustard and cress, have been reported to be beneficial for human health.

They contain glucosinolates, which are hydrolysed into isothiocyanates that have shown anticarcinogenic properties in animal experiments. To study the bioavailability, kinetics and effects of isothiocyanates from cruciferous vegetables, biomarkers of exposure and for selected Cited by: 1.